Our Sermons

​​​​​​​The Message to the 7 Churches


Pergamum (Message to the 7 Churches pt3) - Pastor Steve

Smyrna (Message to 7 Churches pt2) - Pastor Ozzy

Ephesus (Message to 7 Churches pt1) Pastor Steve


A Problem Loaded Word (Christian pt 1) - Pastor Steve

Love (Christian pt 2) - Pastor Ozzy

Seeing the World As Jesus Saw It (Christian pt3) - Pastor Steve

Where It All Began (Christian pt 4) - Pastor Steve

Grace & Truth (Christian pt5) - Pastor Steve

Who is the prodigal (Christian pt. 6) - Pastor Ozzy

Loopholes (Christian pt.7) - Pastor Steve

How We Behave (Christian pt.8) - Pastor Steve

​​​​​​​The Prophecy Of Christmas

The Prophecy of Christmas pt  1 Promise - Pastor Ozzy

The Prophecy of Christmas Pt 2 Identity - Pastor Steve

The Prophecy of Chirstmas pt 3 Mission - Pastor Steve

The Prophecy of Chirstmas pt 4 Birth - Pastor Steve

​​​​​​​The Prayer that God answered - Pastor Steve

Celebration of Thanksgiving - Pastor Steve

CCV Revealed - Pastor Steve

The Sermon on the Mount

The aBcs of Attitude (Sermon on the Mount Part 1) - Pastor Steve

Make a Difference, Be Salt & Light (Sermon on the Mount Part 2) - Pastor Steve

The Only Way (Sermon on the Mount Part 3) - Pastor Steve

But I Say (Sermon on the Mount Part 4) - Pastor Ozzy

God's intent for our lives (Sermon on the Mount Part 5) - Pastor Steve

Acts of Righteousness (Sermon on the Mount Part 6) - Pastor Steve

Prayer and Fasting (Sermon on the Mount Part 7) - Pastor Steve

Spiritual or Material (Sermon on the Mount Part 8) - Pastor Steve

For This Reason (Sermon on the Mount Part 9) - Pastor Ozzy

Judge Not (Semon on the Mount part 10) - Pastor Ozzy

Ask, Seek and Knock (Sermon on the Mount part 11) - Pastor Steve

The Will of My Father (Sermon on the Mount part 12) - Pastor Steve

Building Projects (Sermon on the Mount part 13) - Pastor Ozzy

Has Jesus Made Your Life Better?

Barnabas: Son of Encouragement - Pastor Ozzy

John The Baptist - Pastor Ozzy

The Rich Ruler: "He Chose Poorly" - Pastor Steve

Imperfect People Serving a Perfect God

James: We Don't Know About Tomorrow - Pastor Steve

Paul: For to me to live is Christ - Pastor Steve

Rahab: God uses a faithful woman Josh. 2 & 6:25 - Pastor Steve

Right In His Own Eyes: Samson - Judges 13-16 - Pastor Ozzy

Gideon: Does God Really Care? Judges 6 & 7 - Pastor Steve

Jonah The Reluctant Evangelist  - Pastor Steve

Part of the Book of Acts

SURPRISE! Acts 10:1-11:11 - Pastor Steve

The Unlikeliest Convert Acts 9 - Pastor Ozzy