Our Sermons

Current Series: Hebrews


Where Was Yahweh? (Ezek  pt.1)

Judgment and Hope (Ezek pt. 2)

God Changes His Address (Ezek pt. 3)

Individual Responsibility (Ezek pt. 4)


Persevering Through Bad Times (Jer. pt 4) - Pastor Steve

The Person: Jeremiah (Jer. pt 2) - Pastor Ozzy

No Excuses (Jer. pt 1) - Pastor Steve

Big Questions

Can I Know God? (Big Questions pt 8) - Pastor Steve

Is Christianity Too Narrow (Big Questions pt 7) - Pastor Steve

Is God Immoral? (Big Questions pt 6) Pastor Ozzy

Was Jesus God? (Big Questions pt 5) - Pastor Ozzy

Why is there Pain and Suffering? (Big Questions pt 4) - Pastor Steve

Does God Exist? (Big Questions pt 3) - Pastor Steve

Why Am I Here? (Big Questions pt 2) - Pastor Steve

Is The Bible Reliable? (Big Questions pt 1) - Pastor Ozzy


A Problem Loaded Word (Christian pt 1) - Pastor Steve

Love (Christian pt 2) - Pastor Ozzy

Seeing the World As Jesus Saw It (Christian pt3) - Pastor Steve

Where It All Began (Christian pt 4) - Pastor Steve

Grace & Truth (Christian pt5) - Pastor Steve

Who is the prodigal (Christian pt. 6) - Pastor Ozzy

Loopholes (Christian pt.7) - Pastor Steve

How We Behave (Christian pt.8) - Pastor Steve

​​​​​​​The Prophecy Of Christmas

The Prophecy of Christmas pt  1 Promise - Pastor Ozzy

The Prophecy of Christmas Pt 2 Identity - Pastor Steve

The Prophecy of Chirstmas pt 3 Mission - Pastor Steve

The Prophecy of Chirstmas pt 4 Birth - Pastor Steve

​​​​​​​The Prayer that God answered - Pastor Steve

Celebration of Thanksgiving - Pastor Steve

CCV Revealed - Pastor Steve

The Sermon on the Mount

The aBcs of Attitude (Sermon on the Mount Part 1) - Pastor Steve

Make a Difference, Be Salt & Light (Sermon on the Mount Part 2) - Pastor Steve

The Only Way (Sermon on the Mount Part 3) - Pastor Steve

But I Say (Sermon on the Mount Part 4) - Pastor Ozzy

God's intent for our lives (Sermon on the Mount Part 5) - Pastor Steve

Acts of Righteousness (Sermon on the Mount Part 6) - Pastor Steve

Prayer and Fasting (Sermon on the Mount Part 7) - Pastor Steve

Spiritual or Material (Sermon on the Mount Part 8) - Pastor Steve

For This Reason (Sermon on the Mount Part 9) - Pastor Ozzy

Judge Not (Semon on the Mount part 10) - Pastor Ozzy

Ask, Seek and Knock (Sermon on the Mount part 11) - Pastor Steve

The Will of My Father (Sermon on the Mount part 12) - Pastor Steve

Building Projects (Sermon on the Mount part 13) - Pastor Ozzy

Has Jesus Made Your Life Better?

Barnabas: Son of Encouragement - Pastor Ozzy

John The Baptist - Pastor Ozzy

The Rich Ruler: "He Chose Poorly" - Pastor Steve

Imperfect People Serving a Perfect God

James: We Don't Know About Tomorrow - Pastor Steve

Paul: For to me to live is Christ - Pastor Steve

Rahab: God uses a faithful woman Josh. 2 & 6:25 - Pastor Steve

Right In His Own Eyes: Samson - Judges 13-16 - Pastor Ozzy

Gideon: Does God Really Care? Judges 6 & 7 - Pastor Steve

Jonah The Reluctant Evangelist  - Pastor Steve

Part of the Book of Acts

SURPRISE! Acts 10:1-11:11 - Pastor Steve

The Unlikeliest Convert Acts 9 - Pastor Ozzy